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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Musical Inspiration

I love music. Everyone does, don't they? I mean, I've never heard anyone say, "God, I hate music." I always shake my head a little when someone is describing him or herself and says, "I love music," because I figure that's a bit of a given. Music is so social - it brings fans together - which can be strange considering I've never bumped into another writer who said, "Oh, really? AC/DC is totally my all time favorite band too!" That's never happened. (Though I know Stephen King is a big fan, so there's that). But whether it's arena rock or bluegrass, music is supremely inspiring to my writing. I have stories simmering away on low in the back of my head, waiting, and I wonder if they have the potential to grow into novels, or if they'll always be what-might-have-beens. Music is the key that unlocks them and brings them into focus, always. I get little obsessions with songs, or sets of songs, and it fuels the creative process like nothing else.

The last couple of weeks, I've been hitting The Civil Wars hard. Their second album releasing on the news that they're parting ways is a huge bummer. They're inspiring all these distracting plot ideas. Must...finish....current project. Ugh.

The lead single of the new album, "The One That Got Away," is my favorite. Listening on repeat.

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