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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TSK Important Dates

Calendars at the ready, I've got some dates for ya.

- Aug. 1st - The Skeleton King Cover Reveal

- Aug. 15th - The Skeleton King Excerpt Reveal

- Sep. 1st - The Skeleton King available for Preorder

- Sep. 15th - The Skeleton King Release Day

- Sep. 18th - The Skeleton King Launch Party (this is both a local and FB event, details to come)

* There's no set date yet for ARCs, so more details to come on that front.

** If you're a blogger, and would like to share the cover and excerpt on the above dates, I would really appreciate the support! Message me if you want on the "press kit" mailing list, if you haven't already.

The third (full-length) book in the Dartmoor Series is Walsh's story ,yes - a case of his club world colliding with the real world in unexpected ways. But it's also a book about the Lean Dogs MC, which means multiple narrators, side adventures, and a continuation of the overall club story arc. It's for sure not a standalone, and it has that same "TV show" feel as the previous installments. I know some readers would have liked to get straight into Aidan's story after Angels, but trust me, we're getting there, and this book needs to happen first ;) In the grand scheme of things, there's so many places this series can go, and we're still just getting started. Hope you'll all come along for the ride.  

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