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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In The Thick of Things

I completely missed Music Monday yesterday. Blogging and I are out of step lately. So I thought I'd share this song - "Dollhouse" by Melanie Martinez - because it touches on my writing right now. (You probably heard Melanie's awesome song "Carousel" on the American Horror Story: Freak Show promos last year. I write to that one a lot.)

I'm in the thick of the writing right now, and struck anew by the way each book packs its own batch of surprises. These Lean Dogs boys are all very different animals when you get them off on their own. In Angels, I was surprised by Michael's awkward sweetness, the way he wanted to take good care of Holly. That wasn't at all what I'd been expecting out of him.

The Skeleton King is rife with themes of appearance versus actuality, the things people hide, and then choose to reveal, and the way beauty takes many forms. This I knew going into the novel, but what I didn't expect was the fact that Walsh would be so feisty in his own quiet way. He's a closet smartass, and he's pretty to-the-point when it comes to romantic endeavors. He likes to banter when he's interested in a woman, and I had no idea beforehand.

I swear, it's like they're trying to tell me about themselves, and I'm just adjusting the radio knobs so I can get the best reception possible. Walsh's vibe is so different from Mercy or Michael, but it's a lot of fun. I'm excited to start sharing some larger teasers soon!


  1. GAH you're making me extremely excited!! And my daughter has listened to Dollhouse on repeat these last couple of weeks. It's so catchy!!

    1. I cannot stop listening to that song! She has a nice mix of electronic and instrument sounds going on. Completely addictive!