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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Russell Connection

I've been talking here and there on various parts of FB, but decided to do one comprehensive post about the Russell Series, a master post, if you will.

The Russell Series is a contemporary family drama series with strong romantic elements, but, like Dartmoor, lacks that romance formula. There are three full-length novels and two short stories, all of which follow the exploits of a Southern family with a Robin Hood complex.

The patriarch of the Russell family, Ray, was a successful defense attorney who, after an attack of conscience during a particularly brutal case, handed over damning evidence against his client to the prosecution, losing both the case and his job. He couldn't live with himself if he continued to defend the indefensible, so he started a personal security business, and his employees became a part of his family.

The series focuses on the three Russell kids: Ray's daughter Lisa, and her cousins Layla and Johnny.

The Dartmoor Connection:

The Lean Dogs are introduced in Book 2, God Love Her.

In Book 3, Keeping Bad Company, we meet Mercy, Walsh, and FBI agent Harlan Grey - the agent who we see in Fearless.

In The Skeleton King, expect cameos from Sly, Eddie, and Agent Grey. While I think the cameos will be self-explanatory, readers are encouraged to read the Russells if they'd like a deeper understanding of these characters.

The reading order is:

1) Made for Breaking
2) God Love Her
Short) "Things That Go Bang In The Night"
3) Keeping Bad Company
Short 2) "Green Like the Water"

It's a fun series, and not a bad way to pass the time before TSK releases :)

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