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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth Celebration

When I lived in the suburbs, watching fireworks every 4th of July was a family tradition. We loaded up chairs, mosquito repellant, drinks, and snacks, and drove into Marietta to watch their grandiose display on the Square. Traffic was always snarled around the two-lane side streets, fireworks-goers backed up for miles, parking at the middle and high schools and hiking up to the action. Foot traffic made snagging a spot in the center of the Square an impossibility. So we usually ended up on the lawn of the bank, or even at the softball park down the street, camping out early, chatting with friends and family until it was finally dark enough for the show to begin. Those first deep thumps were electrifying. The first blossom in the sky almost as special as the grand finale. It was the only display of the year for us back then, and it was dazzling, all the traffic, the heat, the bugs, the elbowing and jostling worth it for those few minutes of brightness in the sky.

Now that I live out in the boonies, fireworks are still a tradition - but minus all the work! Surrounding farms and neighborhoods put on such great fireworks shows, we just drag patio chairs out onto the driveway at the farm and watch from there. Last night, it was drizzling rain, so we parked it under umbrellas for the show. You can see the gate and fence in these two photos. That's what I call easy celebrating!

From under the umbrella

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe holiday! It's such a special day, for so many reasons, and always a joy to celebrate.

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