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Saturday, July 25, 2015


On the way to the vet this morning - Took Viktor in yesterday for UTI symptoms and they wanted his first pee of the morning; guess what I was doing this morning at seven-something? That's right, collecting dog urine in a cup - I spotted a biker crew a few cars ahead. Double line, old ladies on the back, prospect at the rear. At a stoplight, I snapped a distant, blurry picture, and that single piece patch you can just see? That's one of the old ladies' "Property of" patches. Yikes! I had this little zing of excitement. It's a curious thrill you get when your real world and your book world rub up against one another like that. That thought of hey, I've researched that, I write about that! It's kinda cool. We've got several OMC clubs in the area, and I love seeing them out at restaurants, with their families. You can see that they're brothers, even at a distance.

Despite a week full of distractions and errands, it was a productive writing week. I'm getting into that deep middle part of a story that's always so full of juicy drama and great character moments. My favorite part. It's the part where I want to start sharing, but I'm telling myself to be patient this time around. Write the book, release the book, and let everyone have it all at once, one big tasty dish.

A few things I can share:

- Walsh has a dog.

- Aidan doesn't fully understand what he needs to do in order to grow up, but he's trying, bless his heart.

- Unlike Ava who was born into the club, and Holly who sought out the club, our girl Emmie wants nothing to do with these guys, so this book has a very different, but very fun romantic dynamic.

- September feels super soon to me! Ahh!

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