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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Whenever North Georgia makes the national news, it's usually for a bad reason. This time, it's because the whole metro Atlanta area is shut down with the weather. It's insane. The snow turned, like it always does, to black ice on the roads, and no one was prepared for it. Thousands of kids spent the night at their schools. School buses with students on them got stuck on the side of the road. So, so many stranded drivers spent the night along the shoulders of the interstate; tractor-trailer rigs sliding sideways on the ice blocked whole chunks of roadway. There's even a story of a baby being born on the side of the road because her parents couldn't get to the hospital.


I'm feeling so thankful that I got snowed into the house, rather than out of it, and that I'm home with the horses and the family is safe. My dad spent the night downtown in his office - yuck - but at least wasn't on the side of the road! I won't complain a bit about tracking snow into the house! I've got a fresh load of hay, and lots of hats and gloves, and have been watching the news with absolute amazement to see how ridiculous the situation is. Sending thoughts and prayers out to everyone who is stranded.


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