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Monday, January 27, 2014

Insert Catchphrase Here

Sometimes, it feels like we live in a world of catchphrases, and everyone's just throwing them at each other like rotten Easter eggs and no one really means anything anymore. It's like there are magic words that open doors for those in the know. "Edgy" is the new "open sesame."

If you're hunting for a job, it's all about "dynamic work environments," and "excellent communication skills," and so forth.

If you're dating, it's all about being "up for anything," and "unique," and "adventurous," and, "stylish," and, my personal favorite, it's about "not wasting time."

And chances are, if you've read a romance or romantic thriller in the past few years, you've encountered the following phrases:

- Undeniably male (also: unquestionably male, irrefutably male, or completely male)

- So on board with that.

- (Some part of the brain/body) got with the program.

- And how sexy/hot/erotic was that?

- An overuse of "that/those". Those lips, those hands, that...etc.

I really can't stand catchphrases. It saddens me that acceptance into all the many cliques in grown-up life depend on one's ability to catchphrase all over the place. Mainly because I've never been any good with repeating overused lines that feel dishonest and out of place in my mouth.

Me on a date: "Yeah, I'm totally up for any...wait, sorry, that's a lie. I just want to snuggle up and watch Sherlock and have a nice talk about non-trendy things."

Me pitching a new book: "Yeah, this is totally hot and sexy and thrilling and my hero is so undeniably male...wait, actually, that's a lie. This has got action and ambiance and sassy Southern girls who take no crap and my hero is cool and masculine enough that I don't have to tell my readers that he's 'undeniably male.'"

See? I can't hang with the trendy crowd. So logic would dictate that I stop trying. Logic would dictate that I venture back to my roots. I don't want to pretend to be a stylish, girly girl in real life, and I don't want to try and pitch my work as on-trend in the writing world. I mentioned a week or so ago that I wanted to work on some fantasy stuff, and I really do. I love my Walkers - they are my babies, the ones who pulled me out of a three year funk, the ones who made me want to write love stories - and I love my Russells - they are so Southern and slick and Steve McQueen-inspired - so I don't look at it as leaving them behind, but trying something new. Seeing if the paths are easier to tread over different terrain.

So here's the thing: God Love Her is the second book in a set. And it could for sure turn into a series. There's a nebulous third installment kicking around in the back of my head called Keeping Bad Company. I want to write it - and I may - but I need to see how God Love Her performs, first. Made for Breaking has been my best seller, and I'm really proud and excited about that. But I only want to keep writing these characters if people want to keep reading about them. So I'll let readers tell me. The third installment is in your hands. If you want to see more Russells, tell your friends, get them hooked, spread the word. Because once people get past the lack of catch phrases, they really, really enjoy the books. :) So I'd love to keep writing them for readers...but otherwise...magic is calling...

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