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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things to be a Nerd About This Week

Listening to:

This song, on endless repeat. "Stay the Night" by Zedd with vocals by Hayley Williams of Paramore.
"I am a fire, gasoline, come pour yourself all over me."

I've been on a bit of an electronica kick lately, plus I love Hayley's voice, so what's not to love about this song?

                                                                                                          Adding to my Reading List:

The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. When someone tells you she loves your books, and asks you if you've read Pat Conroy, and says that he was the author she thought of while reading your books, you must immediately read Pat Conroy.

So Excited to See: Thor: The Dark World.

Apparently, there's a version of the poster with Thor on it. Huh. Go figure.

All Loki-fangirling aside, I love what Marvel's been doing lately. The blend of visual spectacle, human story, character development and the right touch of humor (thank you, Joss Whedon, for making The Avengers what it was) has been a delight. I was a big fan of Thor, and the sequel promises to be even better. After seeing the video of that awesome thing that happened at Comic Con this year, I stumbled across some movie spoilers, and they only left me wanting to see it even more. As a writer, I feel like I should be blogging about movies of a different sort, but I'm a dork, and a fan, and I can't control what feeds the muse.


This jacket. I love Pinterest, but have you ever searched for men's leather jackets on there? Oh my God. (and that's a bad Oh my God). Most of the jackets can be dismissed right off. But when I found one I liked, nine times out of ten, there was a blank-faced male model wearing it, and he had leather pants on too. Or was shirtless underneath. Or was pouting at the camera. Or he looked like Jake Gyllenhaal. Or he was Jake Gyllenhaal.  I really didn't want to put a face to the name; I want to preserve the mental images I have of the characters. And then I found this jacket, and all is now right in the Walker Visuals world. It's very Tam.

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