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Friday, November 15, 2013

Someone Take it Away From Me

Pinterest. Please, someone, slap my hands away from the keyboard and tell me to write! I can resist Facebook and Twitter and all those other social media outlets, but Pinterest...lethal time-waster. It'd be one thing if I was spending all my time on there pinning relevant stuff. But I'm not. I won't lie. I'm just looking at quirky pictures and nerdy quotes. *Facepalm* I've succumbed like everyone else.

I do find cool stuff, though.
source: pinterest
"The house was awash with shadow, deep, black shadows that seemed corporeal in the corners." ~God Love Her
source: pinterest
"She had been, was, would always be, the best thing that had ever happened to him."
~God Love Her
And I get to add my own photos.
"The evening was all in grays and purples, the ancient oaks throwing lace shadows across the silver stretch of lawn...She wandered in the shelter of the shadows, and finally found a bench beside a koi pond. It was the loveliest thing she’d seen in over a year. The peace of it was drugging."
~God Love Her
Here's hoping you all have more productive Fridays than me!

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