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Monday, November 4, 2013

Irons in the Fire

If we're talking about fire, I have to mention this song. It's one that I always seem to circle back around to, constantly finding inspiration in it. The acoustic version's great too: "Into the Fire" by Thirteen Senses. Just love it.

Also, note, the fire in the picture is a camp fire, not a forge fire. Please forget I felt the need to point that out. Having a Frasier Crane moment.

Irons in the fire: I've got too many. And it's strange, because I keep expecting the panic to set it, but it doesn't come. I don't like to juggle projects most of the time, but right now I have two solid ones, and several nebulous ideas sitting at the edges, nestled down in the ash, waiting. I want to hunker down, surround myself with good music, and put every last bit of it on paper. I'm 74k words into God Love Her and really excited about getting more work done on Rosewood. It's invigorating to be in a positive place creatively. I can feel myself growing as a writer and being aware of that, applying it, is so rewarding. And though blogging isn't my forte, I enjoy having this space where I can talk about writing feelings - that's not really something anyone wants to hear about in polite conversation. So I thank you all for listening.


  1. I don't know that I was familiar with this song...I am now. It is nice having a place to write down our feelings isn't it?...a place where we can reflect back to ourselves in a different way, knowing that someone else just might see or hear our words.

    1. It is nice. My head gets full and I like having a spot to put things, so to speak. It's the updated version of the diary, I suppose. Minus writing about cute boys. ;) I love the song; it's at the top spot on my playlist and has been for a long time now. The acoustic version is very pretty too.