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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things to Be a Nerd About This Week - 11/19

Listening to:

"Vegas" by Sara Bareilles. Her Little Voice album is one that I always go back to. I love everything about it: her voice, her piano skillz, the mix of cynicism and hope and "boy, don't tell me what to do" in every song. "Vegas" is a favorite.
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Excited for:

New footage from The Hobbit:TDOS. Is it December yet?

source: fansided


Classic denim and white tee with a destroyed twist as part of my Russell Visuals. It helps she's brunette - could be Lisa.

source: pinterest

And this gorgeous shot of an ice-coated wood as part of a Slight of Hand-inspired short I submitted to a lit mag. I can't wait to share that piece with everyone, and incorporate it into the rest of the story.
source: pinterest
"The woods smelled of…woods, the way all forests do. Of living and dying things, and the sharp, crystal punch of ice."

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