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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In-Store Option

I finally have all of my books available at Barnes & Noble. They're actually more competitively priced there versus on Amazon. They can be ordered online here, or, if you inquire in-store, they can be sent to any local B&N and picked up for anyone who prefers to pay cash.

I hate having to talk about the cut-and-dry stuff like this; it's so boring and commercial. But I've been Googling my books - just for the heck of it - and have found them in some pretty far-flung places. They're available almost everywhere at this point, and that's exciting! Most indie bookstores (non-chain) have my books in their catalogues, and can order them for in-store pickup as well. You can find a list of local sellers on IndieBound. And a Google search for my name and book title will give a range of options.

Okay, sorry. This ends today's promotion.

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