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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boring Update Stuff

This is the time of year when writing gets difficult. The crush of the holidays and all their social obligations take their toll. I've been talking about a December release date for God Love Her, and I really want that to happen...but realistically, I'm not sure if I can make that happen. I'd rather take my time and put out a book that people will want to read, rather than rush it. And I'm hoping to get some more beta readers on this one. I just want more feedback in general. So I'll keep everyone updated as I go; it'll be discounted for one day only before it goes to full price.

Rosewood I feel sure will be ready by Christmas. (But don't hold me to that). I want to finish the vacation storyline that's going now, and have something Jo and Tam planned to add.

Speaking of the Walkers, all four of the original novels are just $3.99 a piece at the Kindle store right now. (In fact, all my books are $3.99 or less at the Kindle store). Just an FYI.

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