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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Monday Rundown

Happy Monday, all. Oxymoron, though it is. I hope everyone had a fun Fourth and enjoyed lots of fireworks for me. It's been raining here for five days straight and it was soggy holiday. There's peeks of the sun through the cloud haze today, and it's a welcome sight. The one upside to all the rain, though, was that I had plenty of writing time.
I finished the rough draft of Made for Breaking this morning. Yay! Let the trumpets sound. It only took me a year, but hey, it's done, and I couldn't be happier about it. The editing process seems like a cakewalk considering the teeth pulling it took to get the thing on paper. But it's done. One more "yay." It's such a departure from the Walker Series, and I really hope readers dig it. I'm hoping for a late July release date, so be on the lookout, because hopefully I'll make the announcement soon. After, I'll start working on its sequel, God Love Her.
On the Whatever Remains front...I don't have anything definite yet. I should have news about it soon, hopefully, because I'm really excited to share it.
I think that covers everything for the moment. Fair warning, there might be an inundation of photo posts while I'm editing. My head's already in snarls just thinking about it.
Here's to brighter weather.

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