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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gluten-Free Pasta with Homegrown Tomatoes

I love pasta - it's the ultimate comfort food - and I love this recipe because you can put anything you want in it. And it's easy - no exact measuring of anything. It's essentially season to taste and cook as much as you need.

Start with chicken:

Drizzle olive oil in your pan, season chicken tenders with salt and pepper, cook till done.

Next, slice your veggies:

These are my homegrown yellow cherry tomatoes. They're orange when ripe and the centers around the seeds are neon green. They're so pretty.

These and steamed broccoli florets went into the pasta.

Next, you can use regular pasta, or, if you're like me, rice or corn gluten-free penne. The corn tastes worlds better than the rice and has a better texture, but whatever floats your boat.

Slice chicken and add to al dente pasta along with tomatoes and broccoli.

Add sauce:
Butter (1/2 to whole stick depending on amount of pasta)
pinch garlic salt
pinch red pepper flake
lots of black pepper
juice of half a lemon
basil (fresh if you have it. Dry works well if you don't. Add to taste)

Microwave or heat on stove to melt the butter and stir in dry ingredients. Then, pour over pasta, toss, add lots of parmesan cheese, and garnish with more parsley. It's a great alternative to red sauce and it tastes great leftover. And best of all, it's gluten-free friendly if you have an allergy like I do.


  1. Looks YUMMY! I will have to try that, though I won't have the pretty little orange tomatoes. But, red ones should work.

    1. Yeah, any tomatoes should work. I'm really not a fan of them - really not - and have to mix them into other dishes to disguise the taste.