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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Look What Came in the Mail...

It's always a good day for a proof to arrive in the mail!! It would be an even better day if my hand didn't shake every time I tried to take an Instagram pic.

It's so different editing from a proof copy as compared to the document on the computer. I do two rounds of computer editing, and then read the whole thing through as a proof  - twice myself and then with beta readers having their own copies - before I make the final edits. The story feels different in book form. Flipping pages is magic. For me, anyway. But then again, I like the smell of book ink. I'm weird.
I'm so excited about this cover because I used Photoshop and made it myself! The forest shot is a photo I took of a path through our little patch of woods on the farm. I was taking pictures of something else, and happened to snap one spur-of-the-moment shot of this tunnel of leaves. It ended up being my favorite pic of the day. And it coincidentally fits a particular scene in the book to a T, so that was a happy accident!



  1. Beautiful cover! Can't wait to read the book!

  2. I love the cover!!!! Beautiful picture!!!! I'm getting excited about getting to read it soon!!!!