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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Good Day of Writing

I had such a good day of writing. You've got to celebrate the small things, you know? The Russell series is going to be such a departure from the Walkers...but just as fun to read, I hope.

Right now I'm working on the first draft of the Made for Breaking follow up, God Love Her. Book two definitely ups the drama.

          Her pulse gave a little leap and settled into a shallow rhythm in her ears. “Who…who would want to hurt him?” She took a breath. “Kill him. They were trying to kill him.”

            She risked a glance at Sly and saw that his hand had tightened on the wheel, forearm tensing, the thick cables of veins under his tan skin standing out in stark relief. An energy moved through him. He knows, Layla thought. He knows exactly who’d want to kill Dad. The realization slammed into her, frightening and shudder-inducing.

            But Sly shrugged and said, “No idea.”
~God Love Her


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  1. Good tease!!! Beautiful picture!!!