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Friday, July 19, 2013


A horse's height is measured in "hands." It refers to the width of an actual hand when held this way. (Note: my hand looks really weird in this picture. It doesn't look that weird in real life, but on film...weird). But, since not all hands are uniform in size, a horse-measuring "hand" is four inches.

You measure from the ground, to the highest point of their shoulders, or, withers. Their heads are higher, but not included in the measurement.

The withers are at the base of the mane, where they are grooming one another. Markus (left) is 17.2hh and Skip (right) is 15.2hh
Notation is the number, followed by two lower case Hs. 15.2hh, for example. This stands for "hands high."

Average horses are between 15 and 16 hands, or a little above. Ponies are under 14.2hh. My Cosmo was 18 hh. So, let me test my terrible math skills...

18 hands x 4 inches = 72 inches
72 inches / 12 inches (in a foot) = 6

Cosmo, 18hh at shoulder

So he was six feet at the shoulder. He was a big dude. Markus wears the same size blanket and saddle - which is great because I didn't have to buy new stuff for him - but he's only 17.2 hh. Only. Ha! He's still giant compared to me.

Markus, 17.2hh

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