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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh look. Advertising.

Good morning!

That was too perky, wasn't it? I don't feel that perky, trust me. Anyway, it's morning, and it's blazing hot, and I'm really excited about tomorrow because it's the release day for Whatever Remains!!

Releasing a book is both terrifying, and gratifying. There's an immense relief about sending a story out into the world...but there's that underlying fear of critique. This novel has become a personal favorite for me, and, like Fix You, it wasn't anything I ever planned on writing. After I finished with the Walkers, I was supposed to launch full-tilt back into the Russells. But I got stuck on Ben, and his girls, and I've learned that it's always best to listen to those nagging curiosities. I almost didn't write Fix You and it's been my best seller. So, here we are.

The official book summary will be up on Amazon and is under the "Whatever Remains" tab along the top of the blog. So I thought I'd welcome release day with the unofficial lowdown.

Title: Whatever Remains
Genre: Mystery
Page count: 343
Words: 109,000
Adult language: Yes
Sexual content: Yes
Violence: Yes - as pertains to the murder

I like to say that this is a character-driven mystery. It is a murder mystery, but the focus is on the characters, and all their various relationships - romantic, parental, familial, etc. I wanted to be literary and emotional with this one, and take a step back from the rote police procedural formula.

While there is sexual content, this book is not, repeat, NOT, erotica. When I say that Ben and Jade have a "grown-up" romance, that does NOT equal bondage. They're adults dealing with a real-life situation and things are always complicated. These days, "grown-up" means something very different in the book market, but I don't mean it the new way. Sorry - just had to stress that.

In short, I'm excited - I've said that a hundred times, I know - and I hope my readers are excited. It goes on sale first thing tomorrow!! I'll post links - it'll probably be up late tonight or in the wee hours, actually.
He held the door for them. Jade folded up her umbrella and left it in the airlock. “Wait here,” he told her, and went in search of Trey. He cast one glance over his shoulder as he left, just to torture himself. They looked brave, his girls, one a miniature of the other. Under their white faces and trembling, linked fingers, they were very brave. They had to be, to live with what he’d done to them.
~Whatever Remains

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