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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#TeaserTuesday: Walking Wounded

88,167 words
275 pages
M/M romantic relationship

Coming December 17th

Walking Wounded Copyright © 2016 by Lauren Gilley

Read the Prologue...

Luke and Hal

In a middle school classroom, in a nothing-special Virginia town, the Korean War is a day’s lesson on the Social Studies syllabus. A page of history, a phantom cold, a memory of dead men. And outside that classroom sit two boys with scraped knees, crooked glasses, and superhero lunch boxes.

            “I’ve got cold pizza,” Hal announces as he slings his bag onto the bench and thumps down beside it. He’s caught in that awkward stage between scrawny boy and massive man, all knees and elbows, unwieldy hands and overlarge feet. The misting rain beads along the hood and shoulders of his navy raincoat, sliding down his arms, clinging in silvery drops to his hairline.

            Luke juggles his umbrella handle against his cheek and unrolls the top of his brown paper bag. “Turkey sandwich,” he says, making a face. He is a small child, with slender feet and hands, and the delicate complexion of a scholar. He dreams. He likes to think up stories that aren’t real, and project himself into the role of hero; but he knows he isn’t made for great things, not the way that Hal is. Hal could be someone’s real hero.



            Most of the students choose to sit indoors, in the crowded, too-hot cafeteria that smells like fryer oil and broccoli – which is to say, bad. But Luke and Hal always claim this bench, with a view of the brickwork side of the gym, and the flower beds, all tucked away for winter, leafless cherry limbs arching overhead.

            The boys divvy up their lunch between the two of them, splitting desserts and extra Cokes, and dividing the granola bar in exactly half, carefully measured by the length of their fingers.

            Neither of them know where life will soon take them; neither can predict the catastrophes, the heartaches, or the second chances. For now, they know all that anyone really needs to know about life.

            They know love, and they know happiness.

            They know they are the best of friends, and they don’t think that will ever change. 


  1. Literally psyched to read all your amazing stuff. Your words flow, boy do they flow so so eloquently. Wraps all of us who read your work like a warm blanket! Will you be writing any more on Dartmoor and/or Lean Dogs?

    1. I'm working on the next Dartmoor book now. American Hellhound. I've got some sneak peeks here on the blog under the "Dartmoor" tag. And then I've promised at least 2 more Legacy books that I'll get to at some point.

  2. I hate to come back and ask the same question but I remember or thought I did you saying that you wouldn't do m/m romance. Sorry I won't be buying this one. Is this going to be a regular thing mixed in? I have read everything you have up to this. I just feel disappointed.

    1. Hi. I never said that I wouldn't do M/M. In fact I've written it into several of the Dartmoor books, with Ian/Tango, and then Ian/Alec in Loverboy. I know I said I had no intention of ever writing a ménage book, in which there is a three-way romance, as I don't enjoy those as a reader. I don't have any plans to make it a "regular thing," but it certainly isn't something I've shied away from in the past, even all the way back to Whatever Remains, and Jeremy. I can't say that I won't write any more M/M pairings in the future. I'm sorry you feel disappointed, but I won't apologize for anything I've written, or may write in the future. The beauty of books is that anyone can choose not to read something that doesn't appeal to them; while likewise, as an artist, I don't have to limit myself to writing just one kind of story, about just one kind of person. At the end of the day, this is my art, and I have to follow my muse. The characters in Walking Wounded have become completely endearing to me, and they've helped me pull out of a deep writing funk brought on by writing about way too many criminal bikers. I'm sorry you won't get a chance to enjoy the story, but there's a new Dartmoor book coming next spring, as well as the start of a new series. Those should be more up your alley. :)

  3. Omg just finished WW. Thank You Lauren. It was jus so wonderfull adventure reading this book. I

    1. Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! My favorite book of the year, by far. :)

  4. I just finished Walking Wounded last night and I want to thank you for making past and present events come to life in such a way that it makes me hopeful for the future. Given the current climate in today's world, no truer words such as "Love is love" can be spoken enough or heard enough. Thank you and Merry Christmas - Bookwormgirl.