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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NaNo Day 30: Last Day

Above: This Kind of War by T.R. Fehrenbach

It's the last day of NaNo and I can't believe it's been a month already. This was my first time "participating," though I use that word loosely because I kept it very unofficial. I have to admit that I didn't reach the 50k word goal. But I did complete Walking Wounded, and I'm thrilled about that!

My major takeaway from the NaNo experience is that if I schedule correctly, keep focused, and limit outside distractions (i.e. everything on the internet), then it's possible to increase the speed at which I write. Good news, since I have lots of projects in the wings. But I've also realized it's important to take days off, sometimes whole weekends off. This fall, football has been a really great way to keep myself off the computer and take a little break from work. So I'm sad the regular season is over - thankfully my boys still have championships to play in.

I also learned, this November, that my abiding love of history wants an outlet. I touched on the Korean War with Walking Wounded, and now I find myself wanting to write a much more in-depth novel set during that time period.  

Today, it's raining. Sweet, glorious rain that we need so badly. I'm praying that it rains in Tennessee as well. The gorgeous Smokey Mountain region of TN that I've attempted to capture in my Dartmoor books is under siege by wildfires, and the photos are devastating. Sending them love and rain-wishes, as I work on Hellhound.

Walking Wounded hits Kindles December 17th.

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