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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NaNo Day 15: Rough Draft Done!

Yesterday was so productive!!! I completed the rough draft of Walking Wounded, which means today I get to begin detail work.

I'm so excited! 😛😛😛

The official cover, blurb, and teasers will be coming very soon. But here's a little tidbit since today's #TeaserTuesday.

Luke hates opportunities; they’re always so open-ended.

Unlike my other books, this novel has only two narrators: Luke, frustrated poet/novelist working for a small New York gossip magazine, and Will, who Luke is interviewing for most of the book. I love writing Luke; he's a cynic, a smartass, and a secret romantic, though he'd deny it to the bitter end. He doesn't wear labels, he's an individual; this is no alpha-male, genre-specific hero. Everyone who follows me on Facebook knows I have a hard time swallowing the labels that get placed on my books, and if nothing else, I can rest assured that Luke and co. won't suffer the same Goodreads tags as the Dartmoor crew.

Look for Walking Wounded in about a month at online retailers, and stay tuned for giveaway announcements.

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