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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Romantic

There's only so much you can know about a character until you get inside his head. Up till then point, you're just reading the reactions of others, seeing him from the outside. But when you slip into his skin, you see him for who he really is. It's what makes writing a new book like unearthing treasure.

Listen to me. I'm absolutely writing in the wrong genre.

Writing Michael has been a surprise from Day One, primarily because I've realized that he's such a romantic character. Not romantic in a superficial way. No worries - there's no heart-shaped boxes and red roses and candlelit dinners. He's romantic in an elemental, emotional way. I do love Byronic heroes, after all. Michael has a touch of Heathcliff in him - he feels things deeply, in a way that doesn't make logical sense to him. Red rage and cold hatred and deep, moving sentiment like waves rolling on the inside. He's not charming and he's not sweet; he's also not the trash-talking badboy, or that tattooed renegade; he's old school romantic.

I didn't expect this from him at he beginning, and in so many ways, I'm disappointed, because he doesn't fit into this genre like I wanted him to. I guess I'm not surprised - things going the way they're supposed to would be too simple. And I guess I can't do simple. My Achilles heel.

So I suppose this is a warning...? So you're prepared going into Angels. This isn't an MC novel. It's a character novel that happens to center around members of an MC. You were warned...

Price of Angels - March 25, 2015

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  1. That is why your books are so good. They are never typical. You should be proud of that! Can't wait to enjoy Holly & Michael's story!!