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Monday, February 16, 2015

Music Monday 2/16

I made a mistake this weekend. I had a little bit of down time for reading and I just picked up a paperback that was recommended to me, thinking to unwind. Everything about the book - the writing style, the character portrayals, the extreme lack of detail - conspired to make me feel sluggish, uncreative, and not at all like an author is supposed to feel. I didn't realize what was happening at first, and then, ahhh! This book's so crappy it's making me not want to write!

Quickly, I tossed it aside, and now I'm getting back on track. So today's music picks are all about getting in the right writing mindset.

"In For The Kill" - La Roux. There are two remixes of this song that I love and which make me want to write action sequences: one by Skrillex, another, by Skream, is more subtle and haunting.

"Leave My Body" - Florence + The Machine

"Relax My Beloved" - Alex Clare

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