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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Shaking It Off

Coming to you today from my ten-year-old, Office 2003 equipeed, dearly beloved laptop, because I have tech troubles yet again with my main computer. This laptop, for reasons unexplained, only lets me blog if I post a video. So, okay, I can live with that. And I shamelessly love this song. It's appropriate - shaking off the terrible frustration of hitting another technology roadblock, one of many in the last few weeks. Yesterday morning, my computer wouldn't let me log on, and I'm in the process of getting up and running again. I had a moment of utter despair - I have to get this book finished! - but then I regrouped, busted out the laptop, and I've gotten almost 10,000 words written in the past 24 hours. Shaking it off indeed. I chanelled my anger into something productive.

Look forward to to video posts until I'm fully-operational again. Oh well, I needed to concentrate on writing anyway! We'll look at it as a blessing in disguise.

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