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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Workshop Wednesday - Get Creative

I love this post on BuzzFeed: a collection of "The 23 Absolute Best Quotes to Boost Your Creativity."

I've read that creativity and anxiety walk hand-in-hand in the mind, and for me, this is true. I do struggle with anxiety, and many times, finding a creative outlet is the best cure. There are always a thousand reasons to feel overwhelmed with some new endeavor, and it always helps to take a moment, take a breath, and let the creative part of the brain do its thing. It's not about a lack of inspiration, or having no idea how to proceed - it's about letting the anxious voice that says "you can't" get the best of you. Nothing like some good visual quotes to shake off the doubt.

For everyone fixing to take a leap again, like me, trust in this Maya Angelou quote, because she hits the nail on the head. Creativity - true creativity - multiplies. Trust in it, and ignore the nerves.

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