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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Trick

The trick. That fateful trick we all chase. The trick is, if we can just figure out that one magic piece, that missing piece that will slide all the others into focus, we will unlock all the secrets of our craft. The secrets of success, of money, of greatness. And so many of us spend so much time worried about the trick, we miss all the mundane landscapes flashing past in our rush to greatness.
When it comes to horses, no amount of shortcuts makes up for the communication between horse and rider. There's no secret button to push that ignites the magic. The trick isn't physical - it's mental. If you know a creature-  a human, a horse, a character - you can figure out the rest as you go. Because you see, the trick is that there is no trick. It's just time, and hard work, and savvy.

The past two weeks without my computer have seen the editing of my tenth novel, and the realization of my eleventh: a sprawling character epic full of angst, adventure, heartbreak, and second chances. Sometimes, we arrive at things slowly, and that's okay, because that's when the time, the hard work, and the savvy lift you up and give you wings.
Keeping Bad Company releases Sep 12, and be on the lookout for another announcement coming soon. 

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