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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Late Summer Revival

Fall couldn't come at a better time. That sounds stupid - it comes when it comes - but this year, I need that invigoration of the season. Fall reenergizes me mentally, physically, all the way around. It's a period of intense creativity for me, always. This year, with bouncing baby boy in tow, I'm not getting a ton of sleep and my days are pretty puppy-packed, so those first early signs of fall have been quite welcome. And even if I'm chugging caffeine and yawning, I'm in a good place creatively, and I have the late summer revival to thank for it. As some plants are growing exhausted, tired from their long summer of blooming, others are going through a recharge thanks to the cool evenings; the sunrises are becoming more golden; the horses feel like running; you can smell the shift coming in the breeze. Bring it.


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