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Friday, June 6, 2014

Well That Was Interesting

Oh, the irony. Wednesday I was talking about research, and about compensating for a lack of first-hand knowledge - and now, I no longer need to research what it's like to get a CT.

I haven't felt well all week. I've had some strange pain on my right side that I can't explain and is in the worrisome appendicitis area. Yesterday afternoon, I went to have it checked out. The urgent care doctor said the appendix could be "tricky," and sent me to the hospital for a CT. After mucho blood work at two offices, two X-rays, and a contrast dye CT, all my innards look fine. Nothing but some seriously bruised arms from the needles. And though I don't know why I've been hurting, the good news is there's no emergency and my appendix is A-OK.

This is me drinking my 900ml of contrast dye fluid. 900. Oh, Lord. It tasted like fancy flavored spring water. This is the dye that illuminates your digestive tract on the CT. The organ-illuminating dye was injected via my IV and that's an...unpleasant sensation. On whole, the experience was very much like being levitated through a donut, one that flashed and spun and whirled pretty colors across my eyes.

The hospital staff was wonderful - we've got a nice new hospital out here - but it was nice to get back home. 

Taking it easy today, doing some writing. Some reading. Some puttering in the garden. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and doesn't spend it in a CT machine :) TGIF.

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