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Monday, June 9, 2014

Thinking Time


This whole being an invalid thing - it's getting real old. I think it's all related, all this pain I've been having, and I think it's back-related, and that the nerves are all firing and referred pain in my side is what inspired my appendicitis-scare. I spent this weekend with an ice back between my shoulder blades, hardly able to move my neck, a total waste of breath, reading and having more time than I needed to think about things.

I'm back writing today - yay! - but with my friend Ice Pack still in place. The end of Keeping Bad Company is so close I can taste it! But then the question is - the thing I've been thinking about: what will my next serious project be? I know what I'm going to do right after I finish KBC: spend time with my new puppy. He'll be ready to come home end of July and he's going to be eight weeks of little monster. He'll be priority number one. But I can't not write. So what to work on:

- The equine novel in-progress

- The fantasy

- More Russells

- Russells spin-off?

- Whatever Remains follow up feat. Trey

All very viable options. It'll come to me - it always does. But, I want to encourage readers to weigh-in if they have a preference. If there's one thing you want to see more than the others, let me know. Drop me a tweet, an email, a comment - links in the sidebar for all my contact. If after you read KBC, you want more Russells, or more Black Dogs, I'd love to know.

I'm also working on getting a short story bridging God Love Her and Keeping Bad Company in the Kindle store soon. Just a fun little look at their lives in-between. Release date coming in the next couple of weeks.


  1. I would love the Equine Novel!!!! You know that world!!!


  2. What to choose, that is the question. I would love to see what happens with Paige & Trey, but I love the Russells too! Of course the Equine novel pulls at my heart. See, I can't even choose. I don't know how you will!!!