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Friday, December 6, 2013

Writing, writing, writing...

From God Love Her...


“Danner!” Lisa’s voice had that perfect blend of bitchiness and authority. One of these days, she’d mature into a full-fledged lioness, one of those women in complete control of everything. “You’re on the clock, jackass! You can’t just skip out.”

            “Club comes first.” He almost looked frightened as he held his phone up, offering the call he’d just received as a shield between himself and the furious cousins staring him down. “If I ever want to get patched in, I have to prove that I’m loyal to the club.”

            “And the club was hired as security,” Lisa shot back.

            “Which doesn’t matter for shit when the clubhouse is burning down!”

            Layla stepped between them before Lisa started hitting; she looked like a hitter. “Look,” she told Lisa, “we’re not defenseless idiots.”

            “I know that. I’m a better shot than he is! It’s the principle of the thing. He’s getting paid.”

            “Do you hear yourself right now?”

            “Um, I hear how right I am.”


Still shooting for a release sometime this month or early next. It's coming, guys. It's coming.

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