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Friday, December 13, 2013

Nerdy Things - 12/13 edition

First off: It's Friday the 13th. I'm pretty superstitious, and even I don't get too tingly over this day, but it's always kind of a fun occurrence. This article at Mental Floss gives a succinct, inclusive recap of all the reasons this day and date combination is considered unlucky. I think it's fun to start digging through modern culture and realizing how many links there are back to Norse mythology. The article also touches on the custom of hanging mistletoe - another Norse tradition.

Listening to"Burn" by Ellie Goulding. I'm working on a submission piece in the same vein as "Cold Again" and this is just so appropriate right now.

Looking forward to: The Hobbit! It releases in theaters today. I'll let the crush die down, and see it in a week or so, but I'm excited about this one.

On a related note - and whoa, I'm about to admit to being really nerdy, here - my dad gave me a copy of Discover Magazine with a small feature about the realistic depictions of equine movement in cave paintings versus the unrealistic movement in more modern paintings. It was a neat article. But there was also a piece talking about the "scientific" probability of dragons, a sort of "what if" that walked through their anatomy and abilities. Smaug from TDOS was their example, and at the end of the article, I stumbled across this amazing section of text.

Silken? Sexy? Methinks I detect a fangirl. I love it. And I shall not throw stones. He's not my fangirl-favorite Brit, but the voice is pretty magic.

Pinning: The Marietta Square decorated for Christmas, to go with a segment of the short "Totaled" in Rosewood.  I don't live in Marietta anymore, but I will always love the Square; it's such a blend of charm and ambiance.

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