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Monday, August 22, 2016

#MusicMonday 8/22

My mom texted me last week and said I needed to listen to "Vice" by Miranda Lambert, that it was a good song for Tango. So I finally did, and she was right, and it's A) a good song; her voice is lovely on this one. And B) it's a good song pick for Tango, too. The poor boy does have a lot of vices. And on a deeper note, the sheer prettiness of Miranda's voice in this song feels appropriate; because Tango is the pretty one, and because his role in this story lacks all machismo. There is a delicacy to him that lends itself to an atypical energy in this sort of book.

This week I'm finishing up initial edits, and it's the first time I've read the manuscript all the way through, start to finish. I've read it all in segments, but the tone is always a little different when reading sequentially. Read: it's even darker in one go.

On one hand, I'm really pleased with the prose. It's satisfying to read, which isn't a normal feeling for me at this stage. So I'm happy with the book, yes. But on the other hand, this is still the book I dread releasing. Mostly because I feel so protective of Tango - and how silly is that, because he's a fictional character, and these are just words on a page. But I already dread the response from certain sectors.

There's a comprehensive trigger warning at the beginning of the book, and I would caution everyone to read it. This book is half-horror, half-revival, and it's 0.00% steamy romance. This is not a book about a hot, dominant biker. It's a tear-jerker, not a panty-melter. I just really want everyone to go into the book forewarned. It took seven months to write, all of them stressful and difficult, and so I'm not sure how hard this will hit individual readers, but I know that the book is dark and potentially-triggering. So please take care while reading.

My vice? Bucking the damn system, and Tango's book is the biggest buck of all.

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