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Monday, August 29, 2016

#MusicMonday 8/29 - Loverboy Expanded List Part I

This horse is too slow,
We're always this close,
Almost, almost, we're a freakshow
Right, right when I'm near,
It's like you disappeared,
Where'd you go? My dear, you're a freakshow!

I always have slapped-together playlists set up for each book, sometimes songs that were inspiring, sometimes songs that fit story moments. Kind of a mix and match. The Loverboy list is all over the place - or, was. I'm breaking it down into a three-part list that, once you read the book, I think will make sense. Some tracks for Tango, some tracks for Whitney, some tracks for all that's going on with Ian. An eclectic mix for sure. This is the list for the first 7-9 chapters or so. Reusing an Ed Sheeran track because why not, and two Melanie Martinez because her sound is killer and it fits so well with these particular boys.

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