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Monday, August 8, 2016

Mid-Point Check-In

So we're about halfway through our whole #DogDaysofSummer shebang, and while I haven't had time to respond to everyone's comments, please know that I'm enjoying all of them immensely. I had this idea that it would be a great way to get a good dialogue going, but I miscalculated just how involved the process was going to be. This has been another episode of Lauren Fails To Do What She Set Out To. It's been fun, though, and hopefully it's given you guys a better feel for some of the characters.

Meanwhile, Loverboy is inspiring at least five creative mini-crises a day, and I sort of spent yesterday afternoon nursing a headache and watching Olympic coverage instead of working. Oops! The book is currently sitting at 101,686 words, and I already know it needs some rewrites. I've got between 10 - 15k words left to go, and then the real pain starts. And then the less painful edits. And then proofs, and then I can give it to you guys! I keep putting release dates on my calendar - in pencil, because I keep erasing them and pushing them back. I just will not rush the end of this book.

I've had all these Author Thoughts lately, and lots of Plot Bunnies, my brain trying to distract me from the Freaking Uphill Marathon That Is Tango, but alas, it shall all have to wait. So this has been me, as usual, twitchy and worried, and apologizing for being quiet. Expect Aidan's post later today.


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