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Thursday, March 3, 2016

#Loverboy - Ava and Mercy's House

Admittedly, I have a serious soft spot for Mercy and Ava, for their growing little family. I love that I haven't had to abandon them, and that I've been able to keep their story going as the series progresses. Mercy has an interesting storyline in Loverboy, and because of that, we get to spend more time at the Lécuyer house.
Mercy bought a modest white house for his bride in Half My Blood. This is a little on the small side, but it's got the right cottage vibe. Think cozy and unpretentious.
They don't normally use the front door, and instead come and go through the back door, which leads into a mud room. Lots of space for jackets and boots and wet umbrellas.
They don't have a dining room, and instead eat in the kitchen.
Book lovers that they are, I love these shelving ideas for the living room.
I love the simple aesthetic of this bedroom: the hardwood, the rug, the nightstand with everyday clutter. It feels comfortable and close. Mercy of course sleeps closest to the door, so this is his side of the bed.
Mercy set up a writing nook in one of the living room windows for Ava, so she can work and keep an eye on the kiddos at the same time.
I like to think that they have eclectic taste in furniture: some old fashioned antique stuff, some modern, some rustic, some French. Lots of family photos and quirky little oil prints they found in secondhand stores. Mercy leaves it to her - he'll never tell her she should or shouldn't decorate a certain way - but he likes to bring her little pieces that he's found, and offers opinions when she wants them. He loves, more than anything, being surrounded by this family they've created and the things they've acquired together.


  1. Perfect house for the perfect Dartmoor couple. Please continue the Dartmoor series until the kids have kids. Series one of the best that I have read and I have read a few!! Always good work!!! Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I have entertained a long-term idea or two. There are fantasy plans for the kids ;-)

  2. This is the perfect house for them...and they are my favorite couple. I can just see them in each room. Absolutely love it. :)

  3. Just like I had envisioned for them except for maybe the kids toys and stuff are missing. Great house!