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Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Teasers

It worked so well last weekend that I'm going to try again this weekend to stay off the computer as much as possible and just focus on writing. Especially since I'll be traveling all next weekend and won't have any work time. I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Friday and leave you with a couple of teasers.
I'm hoping to have a new chapter of Candy up tomorrow or Sunday:
“You want coffee?” he asked. “I’m gonna go get some.”
            He wanted to touch her on his way out, so he did, reaching to encircle her throat with one hand, kissing the top of her head. She pressed her hand to the back of his; in the mirror, her eyes fluttered shut and she leaned back against him.
            A beat of silence in his head. A natural pause, like his heart was giving him a chance to acknowledge something important.
            He brushed her pulse point with his thumb and then drew away, went out into the living area.

And then here's a (raw text) snippet from Loverboy:
            Outside, the afternoon had become grayer, colder, the wind snatching at their hair as they descended the iron stairs. Whitney shivered as she fished out her keys, pulled her jacket together. It felt ominous, this change in the weather.
            She hit the remote and Kev opened her door. “Dive safe.” And then, more personal, making eye contact again, “Text me when you get back to work and let me know you’re there safe.” The wind caught his long hair and he smoothed it back, the domino tattoos standing out in dark relief against the white of his fingers.
            How thin he was, how underfed and defeated.
            How sweet he was, how gentlemanly and thoughtful.
            Her throat tightened.
            She flung her arms around his neck, a sudden, impulsive hug. He smelled of smoke, and clean laundry, and feminine shampoo. He felt frail in her arms, muscles like water, bones hard knobs and cylinders beneath his clothes.
            She squeezed him hard. “Don’t give up,” she whispered. “Keep trying. Please. For me.”
            Then she whirled away and into her car before he could see the tears standing in her eyes.


  1. I just know this book is going to ruin me! My emotions are already all over the place wondering about Ian...

  2. Yes, lots of tears. I have a real soft spot for Tango.