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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Checking In

I feel like I need to check in, since I'm running so silent. In this case it's good silence, because I've cocooned myself in a writing state and been more or less glued to my ugly purple swivel chair. The entire gang's been chatty, and that's not something to be wasted. They're throwing out lines faster than I can write them, so yay them.
I was very afraid, in my post-travel fog on Monday morning, that it might take days, even a work or more, to get back into the writing groove. But the words struck that night, right before dinner, and have been a bit relentless. So I decided to take advantage of the rush and just concentrate on writing. Which, unfortunately, means no Facebooking, no blogging, no Tweeting, etc. So I thought I'd update you guys.
Progress is happening on both story fronts. I'm currently working on chapter 19 of TLC, and, computer-allowing should have that up tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. It's at about 54K words, and 200 pages of single-spaced book page text, so my predictions were correct that this is going to be a meaty book.
Loverboy has been moving a little more slowly, but it's a very different sort of book. I'm happy to take the slow-but-satisfied approach with it. I'm so happy about it right now, where it's already been, and where it's going. I will say this for it: If you really like and care about Tango as a character, you will really like this book. If you wish Tango would just turn into a badass biker already, you will hate this book. In a nutshell.
Given how heavy things are going, I've got plans for something new, and fun (Candy not responsible for this fun) to announce. Just a little something. I was going to do it tomorrow, but I'll be honest, I'm just going to stay in The Zone the rest of this week and see how much I can get done.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have some green beer for me, since I can't. :-)

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  1. Whether you write, Candy filled chapters, or choose to go with, Loverboy, I know the result will wonderful
    If you get tired and want a change, why not write a book review for me? Lol. I am in awe of all the blogger reviews I see. Some as long as bonus chapters. While I am sitting, dreaming , trying to come up with a few words that haven't already been repeated in all thos blogger reviews . I would love to call it writers block, but I think one has to write more than a couple of words before I could use that excuse. While You, Lauren, you are a writing machine. I love everything you write! Now, get back to work. :-)