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Monday, February 1, 2016

January Recap

I didn't boot up the computer at all yesterday and it was blissful. I proofed (about half of) Snow, caught up on some reading, and flipped the day planner over to February. Being an introvert, having those web-free days where I can withdraw into my little cocoon is really important. And then this morning, I was totally refreshed and ready to dive back into writing. Unplugged days are so necessary.
One of my New Year's resolutions is to keep better records of the progress I'm making work-wise. It's so easy, when you sit at the computer and type every day, to feel like one day is bleeding into the next, and the next, and that you aren't making any headway in any direction. That's not true, but the sensation leads to a less productive mindset. So I'm making a point of reviewing each month and setting goals for the next month.
January was busy:
Smoke released on 1/14.
Snow was complete as of 1/23.
I got my proofs for it and will have it ready soon.
Candy went up on Wattpad on 1/27.
Plus started The Shell Seekers.
Excited to be back to work this morning! 

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