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Friday, February 26, 2016

#Loverboy: Apartment Tour

Setting is always important, but sometimes, particular settings develop a personality of their own. They become special for the memories they hold. For me, Mercy's old apartment above the bakery is one of these places, and we get to return there in Loverboy. How about a quick tour?
Because Mercy and Ava are both book nerds, the bookshelves under the living room window are central features. I like the look of these: the white walls, white trim, the floorboards. Very clean and just what I picture.
The kitchen's dated, for sure, with retro appliances and fixtures. I envision the sink as white porcelain. A small plank table pushed up against the wall.
In the bathroom I see a pedestal sink, claw foot tub, and black and white tile floors. Little windows fogged up from the shower steam.
And a bedroom just big enough for two. I hadn't envisioned exposed brick, but I love the look of it in this room.
I was so glad to be able to use this apartment again, because I think it has an energy that Tango needs right now. It was first Mercy's, and then Ava and Mercy's together, and they left behind an imprint of love, and acceptance, and happy times. An atmosphere of echoes that I hope can serve as a positive catalyst.

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