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Monday, February 29, 2016

February Recap

I think I set unrealistic expectations, having back-to-back book releases the last two months. But I'm liking these recaps as a way to stay accountable. A quick look back at February:
Snow In Texas released Feb. 3 - the first in the new Lean Dogs Legacy series, featuring characters outside the Knoxville chapter.
Current progress:
Tastes Like Candy currently sitting at 40k words, and available to read in-progress on Wattpad.
Loverboy currently sitting at 16k words, not counting the 10k or so I wrote by hand this weekend.
As I Lay Dying for book club,
and started Winter Solstice,
and Breathing Lessons for book club.
I'm surprised how much reading I managed to work in, because some of these are lengthy books. But I take it as a good sign, because the more I'm writing, the more I have to read to keep my brain in writing-mode.
I got some great writing done on Loverboy this weekend away from the computer, and I can't wait to type it up today and get back to work on Candy. I'm also getting ready for Authors In The City, which is just two short weeks away! Happy Monday, and look forward to a new Wattpad update soon.

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