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Monday, January 25, 2016

Fresh Starts

A Monday in January feels like a good day to start a new manuscript, don't you think? I've spent great chunks of the day - between various chores and dog walks - navigating the first few important pages of Tastes Like Candy, in the company of Michelle Calloway, and Uncles Albie and Tommy.
The intricate and strange family dynamics of this one, paired with an intentionally dramatic age gap, and some club royalty themes, questions of place - this book is going to have a Fearless vibe, and it's going to be FUN to write. (Hopefully fun to read)
Beginnings are always delicate, though. You can't rush; have to feel your way step-by-step until you've got your footing. New places, new people, new aesthetics. New minds to crawl inside; new skins to don. I do love setting scenes, and walking you into homes, shops, and favorite haunts we've never seen before. I like introducing you to strangers.
Listen to me. I'm a nerd.
Okay, so I'm right now (still working) at 3,622 words. Currently listening to this song on repeat.
Fave line of the day:
“The wolf reminded me of you,” he said, voice contemplative. “Even the loveliest of creatures has teeth.”
Candy is coming to Wattpad very soon. I want to ensure I have a nice meaty chunk to kick things off.
Happy Monday.


  1. I am so excited and ready for your next adventure.

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  3. I love the Dartmoor series! Looking forward to this!