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Thursday, January 7, 2016

London Calling

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You know what I didn't expect? That I would enjoy Snow In Texas this much. I started it thinking it would last ten chapters at the most, and be just a fluff piece on the side. In typical fashion, it got out of hand. I think because my subconscious is a realist: Look, Lauren, you don't do short. Just go with it. So I did, and truth be told, it's been more fun than I imagined.

I love writing one chapter at a time. LOVE IT. I don't use physical story maps or outlines, so I like the organic story flow that it fosters. The Wattpad format jives well with my thought process.

But it's more than that. In the spirit of #NewYearNewBooks, I've decided to embrace my strengths. And in doing so, I'm going back and reminding myself why I love writing this series, and why I enjoy writing about this particular universe. Like Ava, Jenny has been compelling to me because she was born into this outlaw world - and that fascinates me. What's it like to look at the "normal" world of you and me through their eyes, and see "regular" as "outside"? What's it like to grow up with legacies of intense patriotism...and very illegal activities? To be raised amid violence, and taught to hold your family close? Writing about this club has been the ultimate family drama challenge for me, and that's why I love it; that's why I want to keep exploring these characters and telling their stories.

Snow is drawing to a close, but it's just the first of the spinoff adventures. Next up is Candy. And I'm excited to say we get to meet lots more of Walsh's family. Meet, and revisit someone we met in Keeping Bad Company. Walsh isn't the only one in his family with a head for numbers...

How about another visit from London?

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