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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nerd Things - 7/8

Bit of a belated 4th version, with some music about America, and some TV news my dad will be glad to hear (his birthday was the fourth).

Pinning: This awesome quote from Scott Adams.

Have you heard?: Sherlock is returning for a three-episode fourth season and a "special." According to this article, shooting for the special will begin in January '15, with filming for the season later next year. A long wait, but well worth it. (And after the season 3 ender, how could there not be a fourth season?)
Want to read: Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King. I love his way with words; this one's a straight up mystery/thriller, and I'd love to read his take on the genre. Will wait for paperback, though. I ain't made out of money.

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