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Monday, September 9, 2013

Two Years

It's hard to believe it's been two years today since AB came to the farm. Her arrival was something of an emergency situation because we had rushed Skip to the vet hospital at Auburn the day before, and Markus couldn't be out alone, and we had no idea if we could find him a friend on such short notice. I sat in the middle of the pasture with him most of the day, praying he didn't panic and try to jump the fence, consoling him when he came to stand with me. It was a stressful, awful, sad day.

We pulled the trailer up to the barn at nightfall, and as AB backed off the trailer, one of the neighbors set off a whole batch of fireworks. New farm, low light, new horses...and fireworks. Most horses are terrified of fireworks. AB didn't even flinch. She walked right into her stall, sniffed the minis through the wall, and started eating hay.

I'm so glad to have this steady, sweet, good girl here. She fits right in with this odd little herd of misfits, me included.

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