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Friday, September 13, 2013

Making Progress

Just watching some fish, listening to music, daydreaming, writing.

I've spent all week completely immersed in writing. Some weeks, it's tortuous, peeling words off the top of my brain that are sticky and resistant as day-old gum coming off the bottom of a shoe. I hate those weeks. They always pass, the inspiration always comes back, but I start to get flustered by the ends of those weeks. I struggle with anxiety, and being without inspiration doesn't help this. At all. But this week has been a good week.

Working on a sequel novel is always risky. If no one cared about novel one, then writing novel two is a big honking waste of time. It's not a waste to me - mentally, emotionally - but in the grand scheme of being an author, it doesn't help matters. Reviving God Love Her has been stressful for that very reason: am I embarking on a series when I shouldn't be? But the Made for Breaking sales have been positive, and so surprising, and that has put the spurs to my enthusiasm for the next installment. It's not the numbers, but what they mean, that's so exciting for me. People are interested. People are curious. People want to read. People wanted to read badly enough to go find it before it was officially on sale. Sales, for me, aren't ego-boosting; they're like an unexpected sweet note from a friend. To put so many hours into a project, and have someone want to read it, is an author's best payment. It's my art, and being able to share it is the absolute coolest thing.

The tentative release for God Love Her is December, before Christmas some time. I'm feeling creative, and refreshed, and ready to tackle its plot roller coaster. And hopefully, I'll be sharing a chunk of it with everyone here soon. I thank my readers, again, profusely, for keeping me going.

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