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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jade Barn-chic Visuals

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**Somehow, talking about Jade has turned into a tribute to Ariat. I'm okay with that; all us horse gals love us some Ariat...everything. This is in no way a sponsored ad.**

She’d been riding since she was seven, and it was the only area in which she’d ever excelled. Her legs and seat and abs and shoulders knew the rhythms by heart; her body accommodated and encouraged Atlas’s big swinging gaits and her fingers moved feather-light on the reins: flexing here, slowing there. The sound of his hooves on the wet sand was as familiar as music to a dancer.
Jade Donovan

With the exception of Lightning (and we won't go into that), this is the first time I've worked with a character who's a dressage rider. It is so much fun. It's such a detailed, nuanced sport, and that parallels nicely with the ins and outs of the murder mystery that is the underlying plot of the story. Life as a horse trainer prepared Jade - even better than I'd originally thought - for Ben. Horses have a grounding effect: the frivolities of life can't stand up to the routine, the sweat, the work, and the wisdom of the farm. Remains might be Ben Haley's story, but Jade is by no means a secondary character. Her determination to be treated the way she deserves and their love for their daughter have made theirs one of the most interesting relationships to write. I hope all my readers will like her when the release date finally arrives.
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