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Thursday, March 23, 2017

#TBT DVD Extras - 3/23

Because Loverboy was full of so many difficult moments, it made the good moments twice as special. The scene with Tango and Ian sitting on the Jag, watching the sun come up, is probably my favorite of the entire story:

In a small, vulnerable voice, Ian said, “Do you think it will be better now? Since she’s gone?”

            “I hope so.”

            Ian sat up, and leaned against Tango’s shoulder, the warm pressure a comfort. It felt like apology and gratitude. Like friendship. Like letting one another go.

            They watched the sun come up.

It was a scene that was sketched very early in the process, a note off to the side: must include this scene. Even when I wasn't sure exactly how the plot would shake out, I knew I wanted a moment of quiet closure between these two, just them being messed-up boys trying to let go of the bad things. We always see Ian so polished and manipulative, and I wanted him to have a reflective, human moment.

A note on Ian: he's one of my absolute favorites. Total indulgence on my part; I thought "how can I incorporate a dandified English gentleman in this series?" Tango's backstory evolved early on, while I was writing Fearless, and Ian took shape along the way. Then it was a matter of hoping everyone loved him like I did.


  1. I thought it was unique on how the character of Ian was developed. At first I thought he was just another drug kingpin named Shaman but his character became more complex throughout the series. Knowing how Tango and Ian shared a tortured past seemed to make the scene of Tango and Ian sharing their "last" sunrise a metaphor for new beginnings.

    I also love how Ian was reunited with his sister. As I've said before, I cannot read one your books without shedding some tears.

  2. Ian, another bad guys you can't help but love. He and Tango were victims of society that survived, barely but none the less survived. This had to be the most difficult book I read in the series only because of how much I love Tango. In the end, Ian was human when Tango was around, his protectiveness towards 'Kevin' never ceased, he couldn't help it. But you are right, this scene was when they both finally came to terms with what had happened to them. Tango's continued grateful efforts towards Ian in helping him find his sister was admirable. They developed sort of a forever brotherhood. Well written. Thank you Lauren.