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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


A list of things I've discovered I really like about writing in longhand the past few weeks:

  1. It's easier on my back
  2. It's easier on my back
  3. It's easier on my back (it needed to be said three times, yes)
  4. No internet to distract me
  5. I get most of my deliberation done on paper, and when I get on the computer, it's typing and tweaking
  6. Writing the scene twice - by hand, then typing - starts the revising process early, within the first draft
  7. I'm managing my time much better - possibly this has to do with not being on the internet
  8. Notebooks are fun
  9. I've written 40k words in about a month, so that's progress


  1. I gotta hand it to you. I love writing longhand but with my carpel tunnel it is a challenge at best. Glad you can and that you're seeing good results from it.
    We're just sitting here waiting for wonderful stories. 😊

  2. Writing long hand is the best! I love it, especially while I'm listening to music and my playlist is in tune with what I'm writing.